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About Astrid

As well as being a singer/songwriter, Astrid Munday is an accomplished artist and scenic artist who works for creative companies in the arts.

For the past 25 years, she has been commissioned to apply her impressive artistic skills across disciplines in the visual creative spectrum. Her experience and expertise have attracted a range of clients including film, television, theatre and opera companies; media and advertising corporations. She also undertakes commissions that require specialist painted finishes on commercial restoration and private interior decoration projects.

Astrid is a graduate of the City Art Institute (formerly Alexander Mackie College) with a Diploma and Bachelor degree in Visual Art, and Art Education. The combination of a strong training foundation, wide-ranging technical skills and working knowledge all serve to provide Astrid with a unique efficiency and creative versatility on any given commission.

Particular attention to detail is evidenced across the considerable range of Astrid's work. She holds herself to the highest standards in execution and efficiency that she brings to completing her commissions. Discipline and a genuine enthusiasm for her work mean Astrid is constantly researching and experimenting with new techniques and the latest materials to inform and augment her working palette. 

She has been praised for her ability to bring considered judgement to even the most limited frame of reference, in successfully creating the specialist effect desired by clients.


“Astrid has the ablility to work with little direction to create the effect required, especially when detail is essential.”

Ross Major, Production Designer

Willesee's Australians


Working onsite and from her studio, Astrid's range of specialist skills means she can offer clients and designers many design options.

These include paint finishes, restoration and colour matching, painted inlaid floors, wall murals, hand-painted wallpaper, Venetian plaster stucco, stencilling, Trompe l'oeil, glazing effects, sign writing.

In addition to the Sydney and Melbourne city and metropolitan region, Astrid has also had the opportunity to work in London for film and television production companies and event productions companies.Astrid enjoys variety and the process of customisation and collaboration.


“She performed her duties with enthusiasm and achieved a high standard in her art work. She has a pleasant personality and proved to be popular with other staff members.”

Alan Stewart, former Head Scenic Artist

Australian Opera

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