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singer/songwriter & painter

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'Bright-Eyed Wonderment' , Astrid's 5th album, released through Behind The Beat and distributed through MGM Distribution. Eleven songs were penned by Astrid and the album was produced by Phill Calvert.

Astrid Munday: vocals, guitar, keyboards

Phill Calvert: drums, bass, guitar, keyboards

guest musicians

Dallas Gray: piano on 'Feed It' & 'You're The Reason Why'

Ben Ling: guitar & bass on 'Better Days' & bass on 'Amplify'.

Link to the new video for Astrid's song JIM JAM, the first single from Bright-Eyed Wonderment.

The Clip was directed by Kit Quarry.

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Astrid Munday is a singer-songwriter currently based in Sydney. Astrid has released 4 albums which have been well-received. The last one, ‘Beauty In The Ordinary’, was released on Behind The Beat Records in 2020. Astrid’s new fifth album, ‘Bright-Eyed Wonderment’ is produced by Phill Calvert and will be released on the 6th of July 2023.

On ‘Bright-Eyed Wonderment’ Astrid delivers a musical & storytelling journey that reflects a confidence that mirrors her evolution as a singer-songwriter. Quirky arrangements and vocals reflect a self-assuredness that Astrid has brought to this beautiful record that is characteristically sweet and melodious that often drifts to melancholia which reflects a fragile beauty.

Astrid has gathered a number of seasoned musicians to showcase songs from ‘Beauty In The Ordinary’, ‘Bright-Eyed Wonderment’ and select songs from her back catalogue.

Astrid Munday and The Fading Lines :

Astrid Munday Guitar and Vocals. Steve Starr: Lead Guitar, Keys, and BVs. Halgar Shorter: Bass and BVS. Peter Ciobo: Drums.

Astrid Munday: (Astrid Munday & The Midas Touch, Astrid Munday Band, Astrid Munday & Dystopia, Blush, The Flirts, The Killer Sheep)


Steve Starr: (The Singles, Fast Cars, Cry Wolf & Les Années)

Peter Ciobo: (Jenny Morris, Rockmelons, Deckchairs Overboard, Swoop, Flotsam Jetsam)

Hal Shorter: (Hal2000, Flaming Galahs, Crimson6, Mental Museum, Broken Hands, Real Red Rhythm)

Contact Steve Starr for media, bookings & information.

   M: 0428 633 924


BEW Album Thumb.jpg

'Bright-Eyed Wonderment'

released in 2023  and wassproduced by

Phill Calvert

ALBUM COVER 3000.jpg

"Beauty  In The Ordinary"

released in 2020 and was  produced by Phill Calvert and Astrid Munday.

"Astrid Munday " (self titled) was released in 1998 and was produced by

Tony Cohen.

"Apparition" was released in 2000 and was produced


Tony Cohen.

"Sunshine & Promises" was released in 2006 and was produced by

Tony Cohen and

Astrid Munday.


'BRIGHT-EYED WONDERMENT' was released through Phill Calvert's label, Behind The Beat, and distributed through MGM Distribution on 6th July 2023. Musicians who have contributed their musical talents are Phill Calvert, Dallas Gray, Ben Ling. The album was engineered and produced by Phill Calvert. All songs by Astrid Munday.





'BEAUTY IN THE ORDINARY' was released through Phill Calvert's label, Behind The Beat in 2020. Musicians who have contributed their musical talent are Phill Calvert, Ian Kitney, Charlie Owen,  John Olson, Paul Volta,  Adele Pickvance,  Rosie Westbrook, Richmond Brain, Eugene Beissel, Sam Price. The album was produced by Phill Calvert and Astrid Munday. All songs by Astrid Munday except 'Junction Station' and 'Titanic' (music: Astrid Munday and Lyrics: Kit Quarry}.



Phill Calvert & Astrid Jan 2020.png
Phill Calvert & Astrid Munday, The Church Studio, Jan 2020 
Pic : Julia Brampton
Astrid Munday & The Midas Touch, The Spanish Club, 2006, Pic : Tony Cohen
Ian Kitney & Astrid  Munday.jpg
Ian Kitney & Astrid Munday, 2011
Astrid Munday & Richie Brain, 2012 pic: Kate Buck
Astrid 2019.jpg
2006-07-19 12-54-11_0007.JPG

Astrid 2019, pic Chris Hack

Astrid Munday & The Midas Touch, The Empress, 2006. pic: Tony Cohen

BANDS Astrid has performed in :

    o    Astrid Munday and The Fading Lines (2023) Steve Starr (Guitar, keys, bvs), Peter Ciobo (Drums), Hagar Shorter (Bass, bvs), Astrid Munday (Guitar, Vocals)

    o    Astrid Munday and The Midas Touch  (2006) James Paull (Guitar), Rosie Westbrook (bass), Ian Kitney (drums, percussion), Astrid Munday (Acoustic Guitar & vocals).

    o    Astrid Munday Band (1999-2000) James Paull (Guitar), Adele Pickvance (bass, backing vocals), Ian Kitney (drums),  Andy Parsons (bass), Astrid Munday (Acoustic guitar & Vocals).

    o    Astrid Munday and Dystopia  (1996-1999) Astrid Munday, (Acoustic guitar & vocals), Stephen Moffat, (Guitar), Tim Cleaver, (Bass), Shamus Goble (Drums)  Rosie Westbrook (Bass), Sean Kelly (Guitar), Rod Bustos (Bass), Darren Whittingham (guitar) and Craig  Williamson (Drums).    (Astrid Munday  with Stephen Moffat, Tim Cleaver, and Shamus Goble also temporarily played  under  the  name "Astrid Munday & the Defects" )

    o    Blush (1993-1995) Astrid Munday (Acoustic Guitar & vocals), Penny Ikinger (guitar, backing vocals), Rosie Westbrook (Acoustic Bass), Clare Moore (drums) 

    o    The Flirts (1991-2000)  (various lineups) Astrid Munday (Acoustic Guitar & Vocals), Kit Quarry (Vocals) with various lineups including Tim Quarry (guitar), Ed Clayton-Jones (bass), Donald Baldie (drums). 

   o    Desert Boot (1990-1992) (various line ups) Astrid Munday (Acoustic Guitar & Vocals), Gerard Kortegast (bass), Peter Bull (keyboards),  Dave Barber (drums), Paul Thirkell (guitar), Jon Schofield (guitar), Dave Steel (guitar).

    o    The Killer Sheep (1986-1987) Micheal O'Connell  (Vocals & Acoustic Guitar), Astrid Munday (Vocals), Clinton Walker (bass), James Scanlon (Guitar), James McKay (Drums).


   •    - Astrid Munday, Bright-Eyed Wonderment,  album 2023 [Behind The Beat]

   •    - Astrid Munday, Beauty in the Ordinary,  album 2020 [Behind The Beat]
   •    - Astrid Munday, Sunshine & Promises, album 2006 [AZM]
   •    - Astrid Munday, Apparition, album  2000, [AZM]

          [originally released through Laughing Outlaw Records]
   •    - Astrid Munday, Astrid Munday album 1998, [AZM]

          [originally released through Blah Blah Blah Records]
  •    - Brass Bed, Save your Breath LP 2000 (backing vocals, "Irony")
   •    - YLEM vs. Astrid - "Dreamfeel" - single UK (vocals) 2001 (original & Airhead mix)

          [TNT Productions]
   •    - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds,  Murder Ballads 1996

          ( backing vocals  "Curse Of Millhaven") [Liberation Records]
   •    - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Henry Lee   CD5"

          ( percussion, "King Kong Kitchee Kitchee Ki-Mi-O") [ Mute  Records Ltd.]
   •    - Delicatessen (UK), Hustle Into Bed  1996 ( backing vocals ) [Big Life]
   •    - The Cruel Sea, Three-Legged Dog  1995

          (backing vocals, "Gimme Back My Thing") [Polydor Records (Australia}]
   •    - Margaret  Star -- (track): "Win Or Lose"

           Annabelle Murphy's short film soundtrack, 1995.
   •    -  Grant McLennan - Watershed - Album 1991

          (backing vocals, "Sally's Revolution") 1991 [Beggars Banquet]
   •    - The Batmen (France),  Bubble Skies 1988( backing vocals) [Closer Records]
   •    - Died Pretty, Lost  1988 ( backing vocals, "Free Dirt")
   •    - The Killer Sheep, "Wild Down Home"  single 1988

          (Vocal -"Wild Down Home" / "Don't Turn Your Back") [Au Go Go)]
   •    - Porcelain Bus, Steel Bros 1987 (backing vocals ) [Festival ]
   •    - Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls, Gossip, 

         (backing vocals  "Before Too Long"  &  "Maralinga") 1986 -

          in Australia   [Mushroom Records] 2003 [Festival / Mushroom Records]


The Killer Sheep in Tamworth, SundayTelegraph ©  Jan1987

Blush@ The Cherry Tree 1995_ pic - (c)19

Blush @ the Cherry Tree

AstridMundayBand@Continental,(c)2000 Ros

Astrid Munday Band @ The Continental Cafe


The Flirts @ The Excelsior


Desert Boot @ The Hopetoun


Astrid, Pic © Cookie

'Beauty In The Ordinary', 'Sunshine & Promises', 'Apparition' and 'Astrid Munday' (self-titled) Reviewed

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S & P: Apparition reviewed.jpg
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